‘Arriving’ nature and landscape photography ‘Arriving’ nature and landscape photography
‘on my way’ natural landscape photography ‘on my way’ natural landscape photography

Aesthetic beauty is as much about how and whether you look as what you see.

From the quark to the supernova, the wonders do not cease. It is our attentiveness that is in short supply, our ability and willingness to do the hard work that awe requires.


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/ salty /

As the wind and waves come and go, our feelings do the same, the salty sting waking us up to our ability to let in the experience.
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/ sultry /

Just as humid air holds water, some places serve as a bodily reminder of the things we carry, both seen and unseen.
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/ arid /

As the sun at its most powerful creates a vast and spacious landscape, so too can the power of our awareness create this same internal experience, connecting us to the world around us.
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/ verdant /

Just as a lush green field cannot thrive without the rain and sun, it is our interconnectedness that grows the quality of aliveness within.
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About the artist

/ meet Aly Fick /

Aly Fickenscher is a fine-art photographer who captures landscapes from her travels around the world. Her photography style is grounded, encompassing, and natural. Her fine-art print shop is a place for Aly to share her passions for travel, mindfulness, and self-reflection.
I let the photo and the moment find me, I rarely search for the photo. What comes forward is a photograph that is grounded in a larger experience. My photos are taken “as I am going” so each one has a story. My work stimulates the senses so the viewer recalls their own connected experience.